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Get the highest quality leads emailed direct to you. These associations, groups and corporations are all looking for speakers right NOW.


Imagine having an ongoing stream of bookings from the constant flow of leads that are rolling in every month.
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Start Getting MORE Gigs

Lets face it . . . we all know it's a numbers game.

The more leads you get, the more opportunities you have to book yourself as a speaker.


Would You Like To Have a Stream of Inquiries
Coming in Month after Month . . . from Corporations & Associations . . . So You Get Booking After Booking . . . After Booking?

MORE Leads = MORE Bookings

Leads for Professional SpeakersDo you have the problem that so many public speakers have?

Not enough bookings. Not enough gigs.

Imagine receiving 1 or 2 or more leads every month from companies, associations and event planners who are looking for a speaker for an upcoming event . . . in YOUR MOST REQUESTED speaking topics , in YOUR REGION of the country and in YOUR FEE RANGE.

You open your email box and there is 'Another speaking opportunity from LeadsForSpeakers.com'.

All the client's information is right there including their budget, contact information, often the date of their event and the number of people attending and even a description of what they want from the speaker they're seeking.

All you have to do is email them, call them up . . . and close the gig.


The Highest Quality Leads You Can Get

This is an extraordinary opportunity for a handful of professional speakers.

I receive over 100 requests for speakers every month, from my 19 years of running a national speakers bureau and many long standing relationships with some of the biggest companies in the world. Microsoft and the U.S. Army both call me up asking for speakers.


Get On My Roster of Speakers

I'm always interested in adding to my select group of speakers to send potential bookings to.

To qualify you must:

Be good at speaking and presenting

Already be closing at least 1 out of 5 inquiries you receive

Have a professional 1-sheet

Have a good web site with video and topic descriptions on it


I email speaking opportunities to a select group of speakers.

They handle the lead entirely including contacting my client, securing the engagement and doing a contract with my client. They agree to pay me %25 of their speaking fee, if they close the booking.

See Complete Terms and Conditions .


To be Considered for Addition to My Roster

ABSOLUTELY NO phone calls please.

Please read the RED copy below if you would like to be considered for this opportunity and addition to my speaker roster.

Also, please read the Terms & Conditions as you'll be asked on this form to signify that you agree to them.


Read This BEFORE Inquiring

You must meet these requirements to be considered for our roster of speakers:

You already consistently earn at least $2,500 per speech

You already give at least 1 PAID speech a month

You have a professional 1-sheet

Have a VERY good web site with VIDEO of you speaking to an audience

You have a bio and TOPIC DESCRIPTIONS on your web site

Please do not inquire about being added to our roster of speakers unless you meet ALL of the requirements above.

If you would like to be conidered for addition to our roster and receive speaking leads and opportunities, email Alexander at


Please mention that you meet all the requirements in your email.

Thank you



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